Thursday, May 24, 2012

Break time is over...

          Enough time has passed. The end result and full extent of the injury was a fractured femoral neck and superior pubic ramus (pelvis). I am fairly certain that this occurred on a jump and that running the Soldiers Marathon exacerbated it. So the past 7 months have been recovering. I still have pain in my hip, but am back to running mid 20 mile weeks. I am not entirely sure if I will ever to be able to fully run pain free, but tenacity and the need for an outlet rule out.
          That may have been the largest lesson in all this. I found myself literally going from 0 to 100 over the smallest things. When I became injured I lost my one outlet, my one chance to vent, to think things through, the only time I could be alone and makes sense of all the overload I am exposed to day after day…and it took a little bit, but losing that outlet caught up with me and now I am playing catch up…
          I talked to our organizational professional and he recommended I find a couple other hobbies that I could dive in to when I can’t run. That conversation occurred AFTER I had purchased a 2003 American Ironhorse Tejas. This purchase came on the helms of a massive battle with severe depression, likely caused by the lost running, but also with some things from my professional life. My dearest wife does not like motorcycles, especially after our next door neighbor was killed on one during one of my deployments a couple years ago, but I think she realized that I needed something to focus on that I could envelop in and was passionate about. This hobby actually keeps me home as you can’t work on your bike while you are riding it. I think I like cleaning and tinkering with it as much as riding. It has also sparked me wanting to take the reins on this and to start building custom rides.
          So the miles are coming, and now we are starting to level back out…Once again, thanks to my wife, and thanks to the blessings that God has bestowed upon our lives…


  1. Scott,
    I'm sure you benefit from having an outlet, be it tinkering on your cycle, or treading on your pair of favorite running shoes. Either way, your determination is certainly inspiring and gives much motivation to others. I have certainly fed off of your energy in my quest to prepare for my first half and full marathon. I also use running as an outlet for stress and it is refreshing to hear I'm not all that different than the next runner. Nice post, I look forward to reading your next update.

    Run/Ride on my Brother,

  2. I see plenty of motorcycle accidents in my work. But I wouldn't not ride (or more accurately, be a passenger!) for anything. If there is a bigger plan for me, all the bubblewrap in the world won't save me.

    Enjoy the ride!