Friday, November 19, 2010


     It is rather interesting the path the body takes to healing and how the system works together to force what it needs...

     All day Wednesday my Angelic Queen had been suffering from a migraine. To try to make things a little easier I came home and prepared haystacks for dinner. Haystacks are basically a base of tortilla chips or rice (or both if you are with a layer of beans (usually pinto for us) and then capped with a variety of veggies like lettuce, baby spinach, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, cucumber, whatever great fresh veggies you can find and top it with cheese if you would like.

     No sooner had I finished my meal and started doing the dishes did I feel extremely bloated and nauseated. I had no desire to move or do anything, Amber had to probe me to come upstairs to go to bed. I decided to draw a bath and soak for a bit as I was freezing and had been for some time. By the time I had gotten out of the bath my lower body was in such pain that I would have had to crawl to get to bed. Deciding that was not worth it I stayed in front of the space heater in our bathroom and slept until Amber came and put some common sense back into be and got me to bed. Bless her heart.

     In the morning I found that I was not the only one hit with this mysterious illness over the past 24 hours. I guess a group of my guys had gone out to lunch a sushi place the day before and were all suffering effects from it. For once, I am glad they did not invite me. Though it did set off enough of an alarm that I went to see our docs. After 1500cc of fluids being pumped into me, urine samples taken and some blood to follow up on the findings from the urine samples I was told to go home with is a rarity in my career field. Turns out that i still have blood and proteins in my urine. Given that my 100 miler was two weeks ago that is not exactly a good thing. The blood was drawn as a measure to ensure that my kidneys and liver are functioning properly and since I have not heard anything back I am betting they are.

     So what does all this mean? My money is betting that  my body wanted a rest...and it did what it needed to to force me to take it. I don't feel 100% today, but I do feel MUCH better than I did yesterday. With a little luck I might be able to get a nice walk in with Amber and Manly is what will remain priority on my schedule for a few days though. I prefer to not have my body revolt against me again...

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