Friday, November 12, 2010

Lentug wigi'jig nipugtug (The deer live in the woods)

     I do believe that the hardest parts of blogging is in fact choosing what to name your blog. Given the ancestral roots from my fathers side, I chose to title these works with a mere statement of what some say I am and where I feel most alive. I love running in the woods. Running is my only hobby (or vise according to my lovely wife), in life and makes me feel most alive. Chances are high that I should have started this blog long ago, and were it not for a few comments from insightful souls off the Dartmouth Ultralist It would still not exist.

     Though I have been in the military for 18 years next month I only started running semi-seriously in September of 2007 to assist a buddy in losing a few pounds before he got out. We discovered the Runner's World Online Beginners forum and an amazing young woman named Jenny who was running 100 mile weeks while being treated for cancer...and we thought we were awesome for 20-30 mile weeks! After my bud left I decided to take a crack at a marathon to see if I could do it. March of 2008 I finished the Snickers Energy Bar Marathon in Albany, GA in 3:41:18. In May I took on a trail marathon in North Georgia known as the Twisted Ankle Marathon and discovered a whole new world of pleasure, pain, excitement and majestic aura of a club called G.U.T.S. (Georgia Ultrarunning and Trailrunning Society), of which I have been a member since shortly after that race.

     About a year later I discovered my first ultra during the Sweetwater H2O 50k in which a local ultra hero and stud, Richard Schick, personally educated me for the 17 miles of that race. Since then I have slowly been adding the distances in between deployments and doing my best to keep my best during the deployment windows. Last weekend I finished my first 100 mile face and I am currently looking forward to the Across the Years 24 hour event in Arizona on the 29th of to go back and post some old race reports...

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