Sunday, June 12, 2011

Keeping my job

So I sit here…knowing that no matter what I do today it really won’t help me any for tomorrow…however it could possibly hurt. Normal day-before-race-day questions…did I train enough? Did I recover properly from my injuries? Am I going to toe the line. Day after day for the next weeks and perform at 100% each and every day? I know the heat will effect me, I know I will be slower, I will be weaker…but will I be able to manage myself so that I do not become a heat casualty? The ramifications for failure in this next three week event are far more than any other event I have done over the past three years.
What is this “event”? It is known as Ranger Assessment and Selection Program II. The “II” is in there because I am senior in rank and it is more of a gentleman’s course than it is for the younger guys.  It does not change that the standard is NOT negotiable. Day one is a Standard Army APFT of 2 minutes push-ups, 2 minutes sit-ups, 2 mile run as fast as you can muster and as many pull-ups you can knock out. You must make a score of 80% for your age group in each event at a minimum. Not a big deal really it is all anaerobic and short in duration. I dislike anaerobic because it hurts, I have grown to love the aerobic game of ultra-running…but that is not the game that I have been training for or will be playing here. Day two presents us with a 5 mile run as fast as possible. It must be completed in under 40 minutes. Day three is a 20 mile foot march with all you gear and dry-weight 35 lb ruck. For insurance purposes most go with 40 to 45 lbs as if you are light you will perform this event again on day five. The remainder of the course is a surprise of physical events, some lasting all day, some structured to attempt to make your heart explode…
Then there is the mental aspect. Classes given to the students to teach them our ways of operating. Psychological tests and evaluations to ensure that we mesh and are of the kilt that the Regiment needs. Exams in history and standards, and the board. Likely the one part that everyone stresses the most about since this is the culminating event of the course and, well, from my last experience with it 7 years ago they find your weaknesses in the course and beat you to death with them. The day I got hired 7 years ago I felt like the biggest piece of trash that had walked the earth for three days. I should have been happy, I made it in, I became part of the best military organization in the world…however I gave it my all to get here and that day I knew that my all was barely enough. Their point was made though. You are being selected for service in the Regiment everyday and less than 100% is not acceptable.
100% it is…

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  1. Sounds like a tough few weeks. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Keep us posted if you can.